Wizkid for Home

The WizKid is indispensable when training little boys

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Wizkid for Restaurants

WizKid reduces floor maintenance by up to 90% in most cases

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Wizkid for Business

Maintaining a clean environment in the restroom is a top priority.

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Order Urinal Mat
  • The WizKid is the restroom mat that stops odors before they start.
  • The antimicrobial fibers inhibit the bacteria from growing and spreading.
  • The polypropylene fibers allow the urine to air dry after neutralizing the odor causing enzymes.

Customers judge your store by the cleanliness of your bathrooms. If your restroom is in poor shape then it is assumed the rest of your business is in poor shape. WizKid helps keeping your restroom looking cleaner and smelling better. It's like having a restroom attendant 24/7 to clean up where your customers left off.

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