It starts with the fibers - the fibers we use are non absorbing.
This allows fluids to spread across the mat interacting with the antimicrobial and then quickly air dry.

Every Wizkid fiber is also loaded with a strong antimicrobial to stop bacteria from growing - in essence it kills the bacteria that creates the odors and germs from starting or spreading.

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To keep the WizKid from sliding around we use a special blend of rubber and synthetic materials to grip the floor.

Unlike any other product out there the WizKid stays in place, stops odors and maintains its fresh look.

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  • Stops odors and bacteria from starting or spreading
  • To stay in place beneath the urinal
  • Maintain its appearance
  • Speed up maintenance, as your most difficult areas such as underneath the urinal/toilet is covered
  • Protect your floors from uric acid erosion
  • Lasts up to a month
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